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The amazing dental team at About Dental work together to provide our patients with the highest quality of dental care along with a pleasant experience that leaves you excited for your next appointment! Learn all about our values and why picking our dentist in St. George UT is the best choice for your smile.

Get the Results You’re Looking For

Having a smile that you’re comfortable and confident with is one of the most important aspects of your everyday routine. If you’re too embarrassed by your teeth, you could be stopping yourself from spending time with friends, job opportunities, and much more. Dr. Alldredge answers all your questions and concerns so you can have the smile of your dreams.

Staying Educated and Updated

When you’re looking for a dentist in St. George UT, you not only want to think about your current dental needs but dental needs you may have in the future. That’s why Dr. Alldredge and his team at About Dental Care offer a variety of general, family, cosmetic and advanced services. We educate ourselves on current and new services and technology so that we can utilize these in our office and provide you with all the care that you’ll ever need.

Understanding of Your Dental Needs

One of the many reasons that patients avoid going to the dentist is because they’re afraid of treatments and procedures they don’t completely understand. We can assure you that won’t be the case here at About Dental Care; Dr. Alldredge insists on having a thorough discussion with each patient about any dental work we believe will improve your oral health, why we think so, and what the service is all about. We will also discuss any other procedure our patients are interested in so your dentist in St. George UT can create the best treatment plan for a healthy and strong smile.

Commitment to Top Tier Service in All Areas

It’s hard to find a dental office that checks off all the boxes on your list – a professional dentist, a friendly staff, a comfortable waiting room, up-to-date equipment – but look no further! About Dental Care is always looking for ways to make improvements so our patients’ experiences are pleasant from the moment they walk into our office to the moment they leave. You’ll be greeted when you walk in by our friendly front desk staff, who will set you up with one of our hygienists, and then Dr. Alldredge to further discuss any dental issues or questions that you may have.

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